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Change of Boundary information

After consideration the practice has asked the CCG to amend Westwood Surgery’s practice boundary to match that of Larwood Health Partnership.

The current boundary was set when Westwood Surgery was an 8-8 walk-in centre and the boundary was set at the whole of Bassetlaw.  The contract that was awarded to LHP was for a standard GP Contract ie 8 am – 6.30 pm Monday –Friday but the boundary was not altered.

The changed boundary would not affect those patients already registered at Westwood Surgery as we would not ask them to leave the list, but we would ask any new patients to register with a practice closer to their home.  The main reason for this request is due to the distance a GP would need to travel to carry out a home visit; potentially for a patient at the other side of Retford the doctor may have an hour round trip plus the time for the visit; this would significantly reduce the number of visits that particular doctor could do.  We know that there are other well-established practices in Retford and the surrounding villages where patient could register. 


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