Larwood Health Partnership Notice Board

All GP Practices in Bassetlaw have protected training days once a month.  Today is one of the training days and we are therefore unable to deal with routine requests.  Please be aware that any urgent requests we receive may be referred to the Out of Hours Service. 

If you feel your query can wait please could we ask you to complete your AskmyGP request on a different day ensuring you will be available to speak to a doctor or attend for an appointment.  Please remember that requests are usually dealt with on the day we receive and we will offer you an appointment to be seen the same day if the GP feels this is necessary. 

Here are the next training days:

Wed 21st March, Wed 18th April, Thurs 17th May, Wed 13th June, Wed 18th July, 15th August, Thurs 13th September, Wed 10th October, Wed 14th November, 13th December


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