Zero Tolerance Policy

I’m sure the majority of you will be as appalled as we are when you hear that our staff and volunteers are regularly subjected to threatening or abusive behaviour from patients or others that are using our, or the pharmacy services. The majority of you will also agree that our staff and volunteers have the right to come to work and carry out their duties in an environment where they feel safe and should not be subject to abusive comments, swearing, physical contact or aggressive gestures towards staff, doctors, patients, volunteers or property. People that do not respect the zero tolerance policy will be reported to the police or removed from our list where deemed appropriate.

On Covid Vaccination days we ask for your support in avoiding using the car park directly in front of the Community Centre and Pharmacy at Larwood. Our official patient car park is the one located directly in front of the Larwood building and we would appreciate you parking in this area wherever possible when attending the surgery. This will help us to keep pedestrians safe and help with traffic flow.