Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions 

All repeat prescriptions are carefully monitored at the surgery. Your review date will be shown on the tear off slip attached to your prescription, if you need to be seen you will be contacted by the surgery.

Important Patient Information - SIGN UP TO SYSTMONLINE TODAY!!

We’ve listened to what you’ve said!

The best way to order your medications is by signing up to SystmOnline.

SystmOnline gives you the freedom to order your medication at a time convenient to you.

Other benefits include:
*Message the GP or admin team
*View your test results
*View your summary record
*Change your contact details
* Access from your smartphone or tablet

Available to anyone 16 years and over and for parents of children up to the age of 14

If you haven't already got your username and password, please ask a member of the reception team, We require 2 forms of ID preferably one with photo and second confirming address. 

Please see the list of ID we will accept below. If you have no photographic ID please speak a member of the reception team.

Acceptable ID Documentation:

• Birth Certificate
• Passport
• Child Immunisation Red Book
• Utility bill (gas, electricity, etc)
• Phone bill stating address
• Credit card/Bank statement
• Rent book or tenancy agreement
• Pension book
• Benefit/family credit book
• Home office permit to stay
• Bank card
• TV License
• Driving License (with address)
• HM Revenue & Customs Statements
• Council Tax Bill/Council Rent Book
• Home Insurance Policy
• Documentation from a reputable source, for example a letter from a voluntary organisation or a refuge

We asking that all repeat medication requests are either ordered through Systmonline, on our automated prescription services (option 1 when calling) or by dropping the reverse side of your last prescription into one of our sites with the items you require clearly marked.

The prescription will be available for collection after 2pm the next working day.  Please remember to take weekends and bank holidays into account when ordering medication.

Repeat Dispensing

The practice has now introduced repeat dispensing for patients who wish to participate in the scheme and who fit the medical criteria.  If you are on four or less medications the GP may be able to authorise a set number of prescriptions that a patient can collect on a monthly basis direct from a pharmacy of their choice.  This will alleviate the need for the patient to order and pick up their prescription from the surgery each month.  Full details will be discussed and agreed with the patient prior to their enrolment on the scheme.

EPS - Electronic Prescription Service

Wherever possible we will use the EPS service to send prescriptions directly to the pharmacy of your choice. Certain items, such as controlled drugs, are not yet eligible for EPS and so will be printed. 

Your local pharmacy will be asking you if you would like your repeat prescriptions to go directly to them.  You can either organise the facility through them or through the surgery.  If you select a specific pharmacy you would not need to phone them each time you order a prescription as it would automatically go to them.   

You can change your nominated pharmacy at any time.