SystmOnline & MJOG


Existing patients can enjoy access to our wide range of services at the touch of a button with SystmOnline. 

SystmOnline is available to anyone 16 years and over - click here to log in

With SystmOnline you can:

  • Request repeat medication

  • Update demographic details

  • Message the practice/View test results

  • Complete questionnaires

  • View a summary of your medical record (subject to approval by the practice)

If you haven't already got your username and password, please ask a member of the reception team, We require 2 forms of ID preferably one with photo and second confirming address. Please see the list of ID we will accept below. If you have no photographic ID please speak a member of the reception team.

Acceptable ID Documentation:

• Birth Certificate
• Passport
• Child Immunisation Red Book
• Utility bill (gas, electricity, etc)
• Phone bill stating address
• Credit card/Bank statement
• Rent book or tenancy agreement
• Pension book
• Benefit/family credit book
• Home office permit to stay
• Bank card
• TV License
• Driving License (with address)
• HM Revenue & Customs Statements
• Council Tax Bill/Council Rent Book
• Home Insurance Policy
• Documentation from a reputable source, for example a letter from a voluntary organisation or a refuge




The SystmOnline app is available for Apple and Android devices. It can be downloaded free of charge from the relevant app store.

The app has extra functionality to the online service to promote patient responsibility for their care. This additional functionality includes:

  • Adding appointments to the phone calendar and set reminders.

  • The potential to use integrated Google Maps functionality to identify nearby NHS services.


MJog is a new text message service which is free for patient’s to use. It can:

remind patients of upcoming appointments

remind patients when their chronic disease reviews are due

pass information to patients about events such as flu fayres

ask you to give us important information to update your medical records

The system allows you to text back to:

cancel an appointment, which makes it available for another patient

tell us you do not wish to have your review

tell us that you do not want a flu vaccination this year

help us keep your records up to date

Our reception staff have been asked to confirm mobile telephone numbers at every opportunity and to check whether the mobile is shared between family members. We thank you for your help with this and hope to see a reduction in wasted appointments over the coming months.