GP Partners

Dr Kell photograph

Dr Stephen Kell (M) – GP Partner, OBE BmedSci BM BS DCH MRCGP – Based at Larwood                                  

A graduate of Nottingham University in 1992. 

Special Interest in Dermatology. 

Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Dr Tang photograph

Dr Cheuk Lai Tang (F) – GP Partner, MB ChB DRCOG – Based at Oakleaf
A graduate of Sheffield University in 1999.
Available: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Dr Kumar photograph

Dr Vaithilingam Nanthakumar (M) – MRCSEd, DFSRH, MRCGP (known as Dr Kumar) – Based at Villages
A graduate of the Medical University of India in 1997.
Available: Monday, Tuesday (AM), Wednesday (AM), Thursday and Friday.

Dr Slater photograph

Dr Charlotte Slater (F) – GP Partner, MBBS DRCOG DFFP – Based at Larwood and Oakleaf
A graduate of Newcastle upon Tyne University in 1991.
Special Interest in Diabetes and Women’s Health & Family Planning.
Available: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Dr Ghaebi photograph

Dr Hamidreza Ghaebi (M) – GP Partner, MRCGP – Based at Villages
A graduate of Tabriz University, Iran in 1997.
Available: Monday, Thursday (AM) and Friday.

Dr Greenwood photograph

Dr James Greenwood (M) – GP Partner, MB ChB MRCGP – Based at Larwood and Westwood
A graduate of Sheffield University in 2006.
Available: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Dr Mallicka Chakrabarty (F) – GP Partner, MBBS, DNB, MRCS, PGCertHE, MRCGP, DGM, DFSRH – Based at Villages
Palliative Care (Teeside University) DRCOG.
Graduate of Bhopal University.
Special Interest in Training, Women’s Health, Minor Ops and Joint Injections.
Available: Monday, Tuesday (AM), Wednesday, Thursday(AM) and Friday.

Dr Griffiths photograph

Dr Jennifer Griffiths (F) – GP Partner, MBChB, MB ChB – Based at Larwood and Westwood
2009 University of Sheffield.
Available: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Dr Ozcelik photograph

Dr Ozcelik (M) – GP Partner MBChB, MRCGP – Based at Villages

Graduated University of Sheffield 2013

Available: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Dr Naz  photograph

Dr Naila Naz (F) – Salaried GP MRCGP, MBBS – Based at Villages

Graduated Lahore, Pakistan 2006

Available: Monday (AM), Tuesday, Wednesday (AM) and Friday.

Salaried GPs

Dr Hughes photograph

Dr Peter Hughes (M) – Salaried GP, MBChB, MRCGP – Based at Larwood and Westwood
2007 University of Sheffield.
Available: Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Dr Rozendaal photograph

Dr Jan A Rozendaal (M) – Salaried GP – Based at Villages & Oakleaf
JCPTGP Artsexamen 1986 Rotterdam
Special Interests in Joint injections & Diabetes
Available: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Dr Burgass photograph

Dr Katie Burgass (F) – Salaried GP MBBCH, MRCGP, DRCOG – Based at Westwood & Larwood

Graduated Cardiff University 2011

Available: Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

Dr Ward photograph

Dr Pascal Ward (M) – Salaried GP MD  Graduated Lyon, France 2014 – Based at Larwood

Available: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Dr Ratnapalan photograph

Dr Mohana Ratnapalan (F) – Salaried GP MBBS – Based at Larwood

Graduated Imperial College London 2014

Available: Wednesday and Thursday.

Dr Armitage photograph

Dr Amy Armitage (F) – Salaried GP MBChB MRCGP – Based at Larwood

Graduated University of Sheffield 2015

Available: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Dr Penney photograph



Dr Dawn Penney - Salaried GP - Based at Larwood

MBChB, BSc (1st Class Hons) MedSci, nMRCGP (2011),

DFSRH, PGCE (Primary Care), Cert. Diabetes Care


Dr Jennie Joyce (F) – Salaried GP MBChB MRCP MRCGP FSRH  – Based at Larwood

Graduated University of Sheffield, 2003

Available: Monday and Friday.

Dr Petra Holmes (F) Salaried GP MBChB DRCOG MRC – Based at Larwood

Graduated Bristol University 1992


Nursing Team

Nurse Practitioners

  • Nathalie Birch – Clinical Nurse Manager

  • Caroline Wardell (F) – Diabetes Nurse Specialist

  • Richard Meades (M)

  • Kerry Smith (F)

  • Ebin Varghese (M)

  • Janet Wise (F)

Practice Nurses

  • Claire Ashmore (F)

  • Jo Cullen (F)

  • Robyn Jones (F)

  • Grace Smith (F)

  • Cat Crowther (F)

  • Tasha Eccles (F)

  • Claire Hedges (F)

Practice Nurses are qualified and registered Nurses. They can help with health issues such as;

  • Family planning

  • Healthy living advice

  • Blood pressure checks

  • Dressings

  • Vaccinations

  • Cervical smears

The Practice Nurses run clinics for long-term health conditions such as:

  • Asthma

  • Diabetes

  • COPD

Healthcare Assistants

  • Diane Coleman (F)

  • Laura Watkinson (F)

  • Emma O’Keeffe (F)

  • Lauren Hegarty (F)

  • Ruth Radcliffe (F)

  • Michelle Martin (F)

Healthcare assistants support practice nurses with their daily work, act as a chaperone when a patient or Doctor requests one, and carry out tasks such as;

  • Phlebotomy (drawing blood)

  • Blood pressure measurement

  • New patient checks

  • Remove stitches

  • Flu vaccinations

  • Health Promotion

Paramedic Practitioners

  • Laura Whiteman (F)

  • Drew Mayers (M)

  • Samantha Kimmling (F)

  • Sophie Shelley (F)

  • Nicola Burgess (F)

Our Paramedic Practitioner Team carry out most of the home visits requested by our patients.  They do carry ID so please feel free ask for this if you wish to. They also hold minor illness clinics and chronic disease clinics across our sites.

Clinical Pharmacists

  • Julie Simpson (F)

  • Patrick Conor Cronin (M)

  • Natalie Lewis (F)

The aim of our Pharmacy Team is to primarily ensure safe prescribing across the practice. If you require a medication review it may be a pharmacist that phones you or invites you in for a review.

Health Visitors

A Health Visitor is a registered Nurse who has received training particularly related to babies, children and pregnant women.

Their role is to provide families with children under five years old with support and advice around the general aspects of mental, physical and social wellbeing.

Community Staff

Attached to the surgeries are District nurses, Health Visitors, Midwives and Community Psychiatric Nurses.

To leave a message for a District Nurse or Health Visitor please ring Single Point of Access (SPA) at Retford Hospital on 01777 274422.

Practice Management

The Practice Management Team are involved in making sure that the right systems are in place to provide a high quality of patient care.


They support the GP’s and other medical professionals with delivering patient services and develop extended services to enhance patient care. The responsibilities on the Practice Management team are as follows;

  • Managing all business aspects of the practice such as;

  • Human resources

  • Finance

  • Patient safety

  • Premises and Equipment

  • Information technology

Sarah Dale – Practice Manager

Lisa Johnson – Business Manager

Sharron Wood – HR Manager

Suzanne Davies – Estates Manager

Jane Field – Finance Manager

Liz Driver – Appointments Manager

Dawn Beardshaw – Operations Manager

Ciara Sachdeva – Complaints Manager

Amy Bierton – Management Team PA

Katrina Bird – Management Team PA

Team Leaders

Each of our sites benefits from having the support of an experienced Team Leader who manage the day to day running of the reception team.


If you have any concerns or queries these should be directed in the first instance to the team leader on site.

Our Team Leaders are:

Lois Burridge – Larwood and Westwood

Samantha Reddington – Larwood and Westwood

Diane Hardy – Village and Oakleaf

Carrie-Ann White – Lakeside